Sunday, July 26, 2009

a few screens of where iam so far, to improve her silouette iam going to add weopons like a knife in her boot and a gun holsters on her hips. she will olso get gloves

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

woman update

a few screens of where iam with her so far, its taking me a while to create this character because iam also working on a scene at the same time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

female update

this is a few days into my high poly i usualy don't spend this much time on the sculpt but rescently ive noticed thats where i need to spend most my time to get all the detail in the character before i move on. my models usualy end up quite bland when ive finnished so iam now teaching myself to get all the detail and proportions correct before i move on and it had been a big help, iam now enjoying making this character and im taking my time to make sure i put all the nessacary detail into the model before it ends up looking unrealistic and bland at the end. Im studying faces and taking crits on everything i can ive had loads of input into this character and it is turning out to be the best model i have done to date. there are a few propotion problems iam now correcting for instance the length of the bycept.
i have rescently startet to use a 2 books alot more than usual on this scult, the first is a book called close up by martin schoeller and the second is Anatomy for the artist. Close up has helped me focus on minor detail that has improved my faces enormously, you may not have noticed but tis face started off as my pilot character and ive edited everything to get the result you see here. bodys have never been my strong point that is one of the main reasons i wanted to do this character and now i can comfortably create a female character body quickly and easily with correct topology. iam going to quickly finnish this character for my portfolio and then work on the exact same pipeline for a male one.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

female anatomy

this is an image of my first attempt of the female form in 3d, i found it weird how all i do is men even though most of my life drawing is of women. ive seen alot of things i need to work on for example the ears are to thin as they were taken through zbrush and i never worked on them so they need fixing infact all the small close together vers need readjusting like fingers. the zbrush head needs a bit of work but im restarting it attatched tot he body so i can flow the neck muscles and bones into one another.