Saturday, March 14, 2009

Zbrush models

these are few of my Zbrush models done over the past few weeks they're not in chronological order.

Bill Sykes second body,, i wasn't happy with the first so i designed and built a second but now i don't know which i prefer.

Sykes first body, this was the first body I've done in Zbrush in a while and proportions got the better of me that's one of the reasons i created the second body and the naked man.

Bills second face, the first one wasn't to my liking as he looked a little to old for what i wanted him to be and there was allot of problems with his brow line, which i improved on and created this. I went for a larger more awkward shape as i wanted to get across a thug type image. To get this i searched around for as many mugshots as i could, to find a mean looking chubby guy, this is the result.

I created the body to help my anatomy, i researched using books the structure of the human body. It was a major help in creating all further models and as i progress i definitely will do more.

This is Oliver's second and final body, he lacked interesting features and his silhouette was boring in my last model so i designed this one. I added a coat and allot more creases, the creases were passed over to the low poly model quite well, keeping the silhouette interesting.
Oliver as a character is quite boring and simple so making him interesting without ruining the character was hard the face was the hardest part as young people lack any interesting lines and shapes, so the only place i could put anything of interest was his hat and his nose, i researched a few noses some from Oliver Twist films and some from random images and i finally settled on this one, its quite sharp but still keeps him young.

this is Oliver's first body for comparison as you can see its very boring and it got even more boring on the low poly.

the hands were used on various people, i have a few more and as i moved from hand to hand my zbrushing skills increased allot, the main thing that makes these hands interesting is the relaxed pose they are in, its perfect for a relaxed model.

Mr Bumble was a very hard character to create, i knew i wanted allot of weight to him but to get this he required many more poly's than the rest of the characters mainly in his broad round face but it was worth it as he came out quite well.

the body for my 19Th century policeman. i enjoyed doing another character for this project and I'm glad i chose someone a bit different from the rest of the other people, his clothes didn't have much on them but that didn't make it any less fun.

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toma li said...

get some krinkles under them braces boyo lol, the back of the shirt would be taught under the braces too.