Wednesday, November 22, 2006

boom headshot! ha! take that gameplay!

What is meant by Game play? Who are the leading lights in Game Design? Where does Game Design take place in the modern Developer? Is it a single person's responsibility? Do different genres require different design principles? What's important for you, when you play?

Game play is large area of gaming, it means the feeling of the game or it can mean the way a game plays, if a game plays badly its game play for example the movement system is to complex then the game play would be poor but much like a car it can be fast pace and exciting as well as sluggish and boring. It depends on the game you are playing. Different genres have different game play styles. Game play is in the name, its how the game plays, moves, feels and flows.

The leading game designers is so broad that its not worth going into detail as there are many different companies that are toe on toe with each other at the top for example, Microsoft, Sony.. Which are the big companies but then I could go into actual focused game companies like Nintendo, EA, Sega, Id, Ubisoft, Square Enix. These are some of the big companies but there are more out there. You could go into subjective way of seeing this as I feel the leading lights in game design are upcoming game designers and just kids as we decide what games make it or not.

I feel different genres need different design principles as this further separates the genres. Every game needs a different style and every genre needs a different style these needs require much variety and if they had the same design principles then they would be to similar and many would not be played. No new ideas would be established if the design principles were the same that’s like creating all the films in the world off the same storyboard, its impossible.

For me my preference is on first person shooters, I require fast action game play coupled with a great in depth storyline the graphics only add to the experience they don’t make it, so they do not matter that much. Also need a large amount of atmosphere to make the game feel more real. When I run round the corner into a fire fight and pretty, greatly sculptured, beautiful landscape is being ripped to pieces by the yo-yoing fodder of the opposing forces I just want to stop and wait a moment to take it in….. at that point I’m shot in the head by an awaiting camped sniper. I need that dark destructive atmosphere I cannot find in the real world.

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