Saturday, November 25, 2006

debate on story eh! cant we just shoot each other instead(BF2142)

The story of games is the most integral part of a game without an in depth story there would be no game, the story is what keeps a gamer going through the intense and challenging level, if your stuck behind a wall with a barrage of gunfire blocking your way, its not will I ever get past this section of the game keeping you going its what’s in store for me when I get to the next section will that guy I’ve been chasing since the start of the game be finally in my crosshairs or will I have to take down a gigantic boss will 12 legs and a flame throwing head. I have played many games were the story is rather boring an I have played all the way through them just in hope of the story line picking up but to my dismay it didn’t and I never play it or speak of it again other than to discredit it to other gamers. There are games out there that seem to have little story to them but are there just for graphics or a little bit of fun most of these games are usually sequals made just for obtaining more money off the back of the first games quality story line for example oblivion, also other style of games like beat’em ups they have little story line to them but we still play them for the chance to kick the crap out of people without getting a bruise or be able to do that Bruce lee flying kick that we’ve always wanted to do but cannot due to our lack of skill and fitness of a real fighter. To be honest most games I play have little story due to there genre like first person shooters (battlefield 2142) that has little story because it’s all about skill who’s the best team who’s the best shot who can run crazy around a massive map taking out every online gamer without breaking a sweat. It’s just pure fun, your not trying to find out any answers to the story and it doesn’t feel like another episode of lost were your told so much but never given any f*cking answers, it is a breath of fresh air to have a game without a major story just so you can have fun but don’t get me wrong I love playing games with story but haven’t you noticed how similar they’re getting, I thing they’re all funning out of ideas.

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