Friday, March 30, 2007

well to be honest i loved every part of this course from the drawing and modeling to the workshops i am a bit annoyed that i missed the last workshop and i hope i can re do that next year.
next year i would love to see Photo shop tutorials and some for of creative writing/ storytelling as i would like to further my skills in art with words as well as pictures. i would also like to go with the group to things similar to the GDC and have a blogging session on it or go to any type of useful exhibitions as we've bin to an artist exhibition now i would like to see the games world with class mates to enjoy it with. again GDC WOULD BE GOOD! i like nearly every conference they had on except i do not really enjoy serious games as i came into thiscourse wanting to make fun games that people would want to play over and over and maybe even fix problems with some of the games out today, i wouldn't find serious games fun therefore i wouldn't be passionate.

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thomas li said...

yeah serious gaming is wank lol! real serious gaming is playing resident evil through in one sitting or losing a girlfriend because you play wow too much.

i say we take the phrase SERIOUS GAMING back. i dunno how though... mebbe spray paint something on a politician, yeah FUCK THE MAN!