Friday, March 09, 2007

gdccoference proceedings

Your task this week is to find something of interest in the conference proceedings, and write a small piece around it.

i was looking through all the confrences and i came across alot which i would love to go to many of which would help my knowledge on games and game making. for example i realy want to see the future of storytelling as this has become some what weak in many games titles to the point where we're seeing a lot of repetition. and fankly im getting board there is only a few new and wonderous ideas coming out and i want to see the confrences views on sequals whether they see them as money making scemes weakened by the past success and the inevitable weaker second part i.e. ff10 part 2 or as new ideas ready to be developed into that last chance 3rd title that almost never works. story telling in games keeps us hooked theres no doubt about it. this is the reason i do not play ff11, yes it does have a storyline and its supposed to be realy good but getting there is a nightmare you need to reach maximum level and get parties with other online players who are not guarenteed to be there, to pass one little stage. i mean talk about time consuming.

one of the major conferences i would love to go to is the motorstorm conference because itdelves in to a the technical physics of next gen something im truly pashionate about, physics is what i love about games these days it used to be if something is in a scene you couldn't do much to it unless it was part of the story line but now things like cups and chairs can be moved, one thing i feel makes games look more real is if they have those little things we take for granted in real life. if we take something for granted in the real world, to get that sence of reality we need to take it for granted in the game world.

in short i probably would get some one to record the confrences i cant go to just so i could get a glimpse of them all. they all seem useful and exciting.

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