Monday, November 05, 2007

creative attire

I was stuck on what to write for this blog entry until a few days ago when it came to that special day known as Halloween. It was on that day I realised something about creativity, creativity is everywhere it is even in people who are not necessarily aloud to be creative due to work or course they are taking. Even though they have no creative input they seem to explode in creative ideas towards there attire on that day. When creativity is suppressed for to long these people seem to explode at the slim chance of being creative, as if they are a child that has been denied sweets and finally gets a lollypop after so many years of withdrawal. The consequences of this is some what hilarious. Peoples imagination can go wild when competition is involved, what many people will probably say is not true is that yes , people do compete to have the best costumes and in turn the best creative mind, but some people, obviously the people who are forced to be or are born creative stray away from this type of brawl as they compete on a daily basis to be creative, so use this time just for fun. This was evident at my houses Halloween get together as a few of my mates I.e. Dale, Danny, O’Brien, Carter and Pete dressed up in bin bags for fun. There was no attempt at being the best they did just for a laugh.

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