Wednesday, December 05, 2007


this is my model of me before texturing. After finding out the true poly-budget i had to strip my model of about 300-400 tri's, which didn't change the models looks at all. most of the tri's were taken from the face especially around the back of the head, which you can't see at the moment.
what also helped me create this model easier was my hair covers my ears so i didnt have to waste poly's on them and the final thing making my model easy to create was the simple hair, which became simpler after i deleted poly's.

this is my model textured. It took me a while to get the shirt to line up well on my model as it had lines across it. The face was quite easy for me to get right as most of my facial features were modeled in 3D so the texturing just added to the realism, the major facial feature that made my model look like me is the nose as i modeled it to be wonky as i have a brocken nose due to an unfortunate event at a nightclub. But this added to the characteristics of my model.

here are some images of my 3D model self portrait rigged. iam liking it so far yet im not liking much of the rigging and posing i can never seem to get it right, after a few attempts i should be fine. this model was the first attempt, i just opened it up and it looked like this. I found out it was to do with the rigid selection. some parts of my model were rigind and some wre not so it skewed the deformable ones around .

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