Wednesday, December 05, 2007

unreal creativity

rescently ive been working on the unreal 3 engine to get used to the up to date engines for next gen. ive been putting different models that ive made during lessons into the engine mainly my self portrait. Ill start with saying the procces of getting models into the viewers is simple, there is no back water exporter and converters like the Stupid half-life 2 engine, theres no errors no problems no down sides. just export import sort out a few texture files and bobs your uncle DONE! now to me that is real genious because i beleve most of the engines that are out there were made hard to use on perpose just to pi** off the modding comunity but then i discovered unreal :), which made other engines look like a mess of code left over from the programs developed for vending machines. they have realy created this engine for the creative mind, they have realised that most people out there do not have a degree in computer science or programing and do not want to be searching the web for little bits on how to create a .qc file for hl2 modles. the world today has become so much more open to creative and artistic people its amazing how easy it is to be creative compared to a few years ago. now people have freedom to express themselves and experiment with things, most if not all of this is down to a little known thing as the internet it has helped the world evolve, without it people would of realised there are other people out with similar passions yeah sure there could be that kid round the corner who likes to paint games workshop models with you but with the internet the scale is much more vast and open finding new creative ways to express yourself is so much more broader. Without the internet there wouldnt be a moding community so most of the creative talant in the industry would never of been recognised for example the creators of counter-strike, they wouldnt be working for valve if it wasnt for the internet. we all should be thankful we live in a world with so much freedom.
now off that random thought ill show my model in the unreal3 engine.

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