Saturday, April 19, 2008

the rush

everyone does it once in a while and most people do every time but i keep asking myself why do we do it its so much stress and the end result is never as good as if you had done it in advance, what im talking about is the rush to hand in work where we cram aload of things to do in the last few hours of the deadline.
we all have dead lines but most people dont even plan for them, they fall into that spiral of "ill do it tomorrow" and almost always never get out of it except for when the deadline is like to weeks away. even though pushiing so much work into one weekend maybe a bit rediculous some people get better work out of it for example i created my speed paintings which i never would have done if i didnt have a looming deadline. in short i guess the answer to this question is we are just unmotivated at times.

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