Tuesday, April 15, 2008


being tech lead as given me the best oppertunity to crit other peoples models and texturing and im glad i have this role as seeing peoples mistakes has made me a better modeler and all round game atest. i now make sure my models are as good as they can be all the way down to xform and pivot position. this job ive been given also has geared me up better for the industry i knwo for a fact i st pivots and xforms of my models correctly and my naming conventions have improved alot i understand what its like for a techy in the industry to get a badly named model and badly named textures and it has made me change greatly. but this has made me think that in our course we should have atleast one module on an engine or a simple lesson so people get to know what its like for example we all create a model and then give that model to a totel stranger and they have to import that model and then crit each other on problems and such. it would be a great way to get everyone naming and setting models correctly.

back to criting i think from looking at other peoples work i have also learnt a few new techniques that helped me out for example looking at jp's roots i learnt a nice way of creating low poly cracks which i worked into one of my models. not only did this improve my model it also matched his and they worked well together. also from this project i have learnt the value of art direction, colour pallets and communication is key to a good level, due to my problems with the unreal engine i have had to be house bound and not really spoken to my group which has added stress and slowed down the group immensly and i would like to appologise for this also the stress has caused me to lash out a few times as making these models and spending so much time on them has caused me to act as if the blockout was my baby in some way and that is the reason i was unreasonable to a class mate over a certain blockout and i would also like to appologise for that, (they know who they are)
linking back to a previouse blog i.e. my last i have found that i dnt mind working in a group anymore my oppinion of class mates is actualy improved some what, i now find i like working in groups i just get stressed of this godamn engine.

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