Sunday, August 30, 2009

unreal level

im currently workin on this public toilet, as i wanted a small area to fill with assets for my portfolio, as i progress i may continue this room and create more areas. Most of the graffitti is stolen from the internet some was drawn by my nephew and neice, it was a great excorsise learning how to control a bunch of lackys to create art for you haha. all of the meshes arnt finnished yet and in some cases all they have is there ambient lighting, as i wanted 2 get my scale correct first(damn unreals stupid perspective).


David Cheung said...

Lookin great dude!

Only crit is the mirrors having the same image on each one which will be fixed in the final thing of course!?


soft-entertainment(adam) said...

yeah lol its such a pain those images are actualy a single camera creating a reflection and u cant really see from the angles ive got but they are the wrong way round aswell, they need to be fliped and the camera duplicated but i need to check how resource heavy thats goin to be.

toma li said...

loking fucking awsome man, big thumbs up dude!