Sunday, September 06, 2009

update public toilet

some updates on where iam at the moment. Ive added a few things, one major thing is the exit area and exit signs and the god rays which will get toned down next.


soft-entertainment(adam) said...

this level may look a little foggy but thats because the camera is quite a distance away

Tariyoe (Dale) said...

I thought the fog was adding to the atmosphere, are you going for a creep art style or just a dirty urban public toilet, either way the attention to detail with the graffiti is brilliant, I'm just wondering if you drew it or got photo ref?

soft-entertainment(adam) said...

i just created it from my head and looked at random pics for assets, the graffiti is taken from google and i compiled loads of it together to make larger areas of art. i want an atmospheric public toilet, but im sad to say i reinstalled windows and lost the lot :( RIP toilet