Tuesday, September 08, 2009

oldman update

I have been working on his hands and feet rescently, this is about 30 minutes work, just sculpting the hands, shoes and socks. theyre coming on quite well, im going to tighten the socks creases as ive realised that the material is alot thinner than what ive made it look like. ive changed the entire shape of the hand and now it looks human. oncw the hand is done there are a few minor bits to work on, and then its lowpoly time!

updated old man


HICKS the only guy who survived aliens said...

yo man lookin sweet
the creases in the jumper look well nice, i have one question though, isn't he meant to be a janitor, so do the clothes work..., any way looks nice man

soft-entertainment(adam) said...

ive already chatted with u about this but thought i should put it incase anyone else wondered the same thing, well hes not gunna be a janitor as of yet, hes going to be in his own seen which will be him sitting on a bench at a pond feeding ducks, w8 i just realised that means im gunna have to model a duck, godamn it! I may make hims a little past it and just throwing bread into an empty pond :D