Tuesday, December 05, 2006

task 9

Well to be honest the best user interface is the Macintosh OSX it is so simple and that’s the way it should be, one time in college a bunch of us thought it would be fun to play the halo trial on Lan and it was the most simple thing ever to do even though we had to hack around the system we got it to work almost instantly because of the simplicity of OSX, but on the other hand have you seen the interface of Project Gothem racing it is really bad, you have to scroll through a lot of crap just to get to 1 on 1 mode its stupid, it took about 3 people to find there way around and they had all played this game before. I read this link on the net were a guy stated that the ps3 control pad(old design) was a good idea as it was designed to feel good well that’s what its all about, its not aesthetics, yeah true its ok to look good but would you buy a Ferrari with no engine. Have you noticed that all that changed in the shell of the computer console is, its got more curves and a lot smaller for the power you get so obviously if we keep going that way we would more than likely end up with a console shaped like a sphere and that size of an atom, well probably not but its fun to dream.

In the future I perceive that people will interact with consoles with there whole body not just a control pad or head gear. Full engrossed gaming with every sense used and for one you will not have the stupid robotic movement like in most first person games you neck will not be clamped to the character like he has a neck brace. The joy stick has been dying for along time as a personal thing I hate the joystick I prefer mouse and keyboard as it gives more control. Consoles are changing so much people have already started on virtual reality, if that got better and they used it to make games with graphics equal to reality then that would change the way people play games immensely as people would be more engrossed because they become part of the game instead of just a puppet master.

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