Sunday, December 10, 2006

books beat films by miles, cannot beat the power of imagination

well to start and with probably with most of my co-students backing, books are far better than games or films just because of the level of detail, the way they introduce a character telling you everything about him or her but in films and games you do not get that in depth coverage. books force your imagination to create the characters and with you making up the character the character will suit you more being more scary or better looking depending on the writers description. I feel more attached to characters in books as I have partly made them up myself were as in films you get everything done for you which to be honest is boring (the imagination by far ways out the imagination of another person).
when a writer uses in depth description and detailed biography it makes you feel like you know the character also they do the complete opposite to the bad/villains of the story so you are attached to the characters that are good but far removed from the characters that are bad this makes me feel sympathy and compassion to the good guys but love it when the bad guys get hurt. but this means writers can easily make you love a bad guy just by giving you a little information on something like a bad childhood, making you feel sorry for that character.
dependent on the script! I feel story is the script you cannot make a good story without a good script. but this by far does not make the game for example fighting games like “dead or alive” or “Tekken” have very little story line but people still play them because they were made for beating the crap out of friends and the artificial intelligence not made for the story, but when you get a game like an RPG, which you are playing a role in a large story, the script is integral to the games success, the characters design and the level design become almost irrelevant, the game or film just becomes a book, a story but obviously not as detailed as a book. The acting helps convey a characters emotion and style separating him or her from other characters in the story like the to most common opposites in any story and any game, the good guy and the bad guy both so opposite they require immensely different style of acting I.e. a characterisation of evil would be slow sly movement like sneaking and skulking, where as good would be big bold movements and gentle posture. so to give the viewers more in site, the story is very dependent on the acting as it shows the characters part in the story.
I find mysterious stories very irresistible because they require a lot of thinking and they have many twist and turns also I prefer stories set in the medieval era because I like stores with chivalry and good verses evil in its plainest sense i.e. dark wizard verses gentle knight. also whenever I play a game requiring you to choose which character class i always choose knight(oblivion) or paladin(Baldur’s Gate/Neverwinter Nights1/2).

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