Monday, January 15, 2007

nintendo f***king WII

id like to make a brief acount of my anger towards the nintendo wii, yeah it looks cheep and cool but whats with the price of the contol pads it sucks and the limited amount surely they must of realised the demand for this console yet they still insisted on sending only a few out this blows bad i hate the way these companies work, usually if a console sells well you put more out but not nintendo they think totaly different from sane people. i cant get this godamn console anywere so how and if i could it probably would have increased in price. take for instance this well known shop gamestation, in my home town of derby, after the first rush of sales the day it came out they only had 3 left guess what they did..... yep they boomed the price to nearly 300 quid. sigh i hate this money hungry culture. ill stop now before i say something i'll regret about nintendo.

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