Monday, February 26, 2007

But what exactly is it, and how does it manifest itself? Is creativity hindered or enhanced by technical constraints? Who 'does' creativity - the art director? The artists? Programmers? Writers?

What does creativity look like? Is it in the brand identity, think Halo or HalfLife for example, or does it live in the overall experience of play? How do games manifest creativity? Graphics? AI? Gameplay? Are there any companies or individuals who seem, to you, to be particularly creative?

As an artist, or programmer, how will you show your creativity - and how would you expect it to be acknowledged by others?


1. dig into the web to find what other people have to say about creativity
2. write your blog entry considering the issues raised above

creativity can be known as the measure of talent or in our feild creativity could be when you make something new something not seen before thats creativity, if you can take things that exist and make something new out of it, if you can get ideas from everyday things you see all the time and make something from it you are creative. in the theasaurus creative means imaginative and furtile, to be full of ideas to think of things no other person would. imaginative people think in a completely different way to most other people they see usefull things in everything. a simple crisp packet could be part of a character in a film to a creative person.

technology helps in a big way for creativity as it makes the job so much easier and fun, i dont know what the world would be like without photoshop or even a pc, the games industry would probably not exist at all, but you could also say without creativity we wouldnt have the technology today it takes imagination and creativity to come up with things like the pc or photoshop, even a simple thing as the pencil.

you can not place a lable on who is the creative one in a games team because its the team thats creative, if you took one specialist out of the team the team will fall apart, each person is creative in there own feild and thats what makes a great game great film, great artist in genaral.

creativity is in everything. everything has thought gone into it from the carpet at your feet to the keyboard im typing this out with. without some ones imagination and creativity things may not have worked in the way they do now. the brand name and corperate identity to half-life was thought out usein the imagination of alot of creative people so yes creativity is in brand identities but it does live within' the game aswell to a larger extent as there are games out there where the brand identity was made on microsoft word and dumped on the cover, every person working on a game is creative if they weren't then there would be alot of boring buggy games out there.
every different specialist focuses on there field with there passion and creativity so there is creativity bursting out of every part of the game.

there are alot of talented and creative people out there from artists in many fields such as music painting, scientists .... my favourite musician would have to be steve vai as he can create a song from nowere on his own with a simple instrument. bacon as he can make a person look like a peice of meat and that is what we are he can perfectly describe people and objects with ease.

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