Sunday, February 11, 2007

Some game companies want highly trained graduate artists and programmers. Some claim they really prefer creative individuals with a good Liberal Arts background. They can?t both be right can they?

How can education meet these opposing views and yet provide a valid and fulfilling experience to students?


1. trawl the web to research more on these issues
2. write your blog entry, and discuss your findings and your personal views on this issue

these requirments are usualy specific to a certain company and these opposing veiws can only be solved in two ways either let the pupil choose which he or she prefers depending on what company she or he wants to get into or give the pupil both types of teaching. either way has good and bad points for example teaching both types makes the learner weaker in both subjects its like many things today for example on an rpg if you choose to multiclass you will be weak at both due to the deminished amount of levels for each class. this brings us to the fulfilling part as the weakening in both tpes of teaching its hardly a fulfiling course.
i feel there should be a course for each type giving a focust teaching enviornment but also a choice in which to graduate to or from my time in multimedia at college i started out doing everything you posibly could then as the second year came round i got the choice to choose which i liked most an focust on that subject my choice was 3d animation this could also be applied the try before you bye aproach.

this would be so much easier if games companies just chose poeple who were good at making GAMES not people who fit into there criteria, at the end of the day its all about the quality of games and thats it even to the corprate poeple who are just in it for the money not entertainment get money from good games so to be honest all games comanies need to do is choose skill over qualifications. if i was a qualified musicion with a certificate going up for a job against an awsome musician i would loose because at the end of the day its what comes out at the end, great music great games, great product!

ive trawled the web and magazines to find what games companies want and its skill and knoledge.. they ask for skill in programs, knowlege of games and the companies past succeses, so if your just a geek at home with no qualifications but know how to use a program or you can draw well draw well then you can get a job, just show you can work hard and your in so different teaching styles do not mean anything really just your skill and know how.

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