Monday, February 26, 2007

'What am I going to get out of three years at University?'

well theres 2 answers to that big question 1 is qualifications a great career and oppotunities opening up which i never thought i would get. and theres the knowledge of university life growing up and becoming an official adult with the chance to do anything i want. the biggest thing iam going to get out of these three years is the understanding of the things i love; games and the games industry ive only been here a little while but my veiws and attitudes towards games and game cultures have severily changed, i now see little details in games like low poly trying to look hight poly and i do not take for granted the details in assets as i know how hard they are to make. Back when i was in college i did not know a thing so i traveled past vast peices of comutergame art thinking nothing of it, now i stop ant look especialy in games that try to impress using new technologies ad large landscapes like oblivion, on that game i traveled to the highest point and turned up veiw distance so i could see it and it looked beautiful. iam changing as a person, from a bedroom geek playing games like crazy passing storylines and art to a real game enthusiast which is a far cry from the way i was before i came here, games mean alot more to me now. i buy game that i know will not be very good just so i can rate it and see how not to make a game im also playing genres ive hated in the past as i know i may be making these in the future even though i do not like them some people do and they need to be as good as i can make them. ive looked back on what ive done in the past not just my attitudes towards games but my work and i have recently looked back at my 3D work and it helped me alot as now ive seen all my flaws and ive ironed them out for my next project which im happy to say is coming out pretty well accoring to joel(yes praise!). in the second year i will do alot better than this year testing my limits and pushig my drawing skills so i can become the best i can for the third year were i will hopefuly be a 3d and 2d master!

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