Tuesday, January 01, 2008


due to this holiday i have finally realised the imporntance of surroundings in work, being comfortable not being distracted even the position of my drawing board to my computer, i now spend a good 15 minutes setting up to do work i even find myself positioning my work so it can be seen from my door so as to make people look at it and give me advice on it, for drawing i always need my computer next to me at about 45 degrees to my drawing bpard and below my drawing board i need my pencils and water colours in easy reach this is to speed up work flow, as everything is in arms reach then i always spend about 10 minutes looking at my last drawing to see were i want to gofrom there. so all this even before i pick up a pencil. i wonder if anyone else has similar types of rituals they go through before work?

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