Tuesday, January 01, 2008

in the first year of uni i hated doing these blogs as we were basicly forced to write about what we were told well thats what i though but now i love writing them because we have so much range and freedom, i still felt ill wen i was writing my first one but now i feel fine. im glad we do not have to do essays (thank you mike one big thumbs up) i hated essays thats one of the reasons i loved being artistic, back in school i hated every lesson except tech (which was graphics) and art, everything else seemed a waste of time to me except maths that was fun because i was reasonably good at it, infact it was my best grade(A) we had these 2 brainy kids in my year both of which were in my art class and did graphics aswell, which put alot of pressure on everyone in the class to do better and thats part of the reason iam here ive always loved drawing and after beating them in gsce art grades it was settled i would go do some form of college art course, then everything led from there went to college got the best grades possibel 3 destinctions but it was all down to my life drawing that got me in but it was due to my grades in school and college that gave me the confidence and the knowlege to want to learn more.

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