Tuesday, January 01, 2008

to be honest i dont want to be writing this post i should be in bed asleep due to being ill also my sleeping patterns are so messed up i get up at 6pm n go to bed at 6 am i havnt seen light in 3 days. all these problems are making it so hard to get work done, don't get me wrong ive done some but no where near as much as i should have by now its been 3 - 4 days of no work cuz i dnt have the strength to get up i dnt even have strength to eat but im going to try my best with the time i have got left on this holiday no matter how hard it is to get up. to be honest getting up out of bed is hard for me normally and getting to the point of actually doing work is even harder.. iam so inundated with work it is hard to see this day as a holiday, my brothers in scotland so im also alone, im used 2 having constant critacism but because he is nto here the only person that can crit my work is me and no matter what people say about learning to self crit you never do it accuratly, for example if you have an idea in your head and you draw it you fill in the gaps with your mind to make the drawing work like there is supposed to be pattern on the dress but you know what its going to look like but an outsider looking in wouldnt kniw that and the whole drawing would lose meaning. thats enough of a rant i think.

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