Saturday, March 22, 2008

the ultimate in bad games

i havn't blogged for a while but the thing that has managed to bring me back to my love of blogging is a game most people of my age dont play because it is meant to be played by 10 year olds and this game is spyro. its the newest of the games and quite fankly the worst. the game play is terrible the camra angles are worse the controls suck and even the texturing isnt great you can even see were they have put colour burn and dodges to vary the plain textures. also i was on a part just rescently were i have to climb up a wall by lighting candles to flip rocks around to the safe flat landing area but i have two problems with this. one spyros controls make it so he is in control of weather i slowly land nicly on the platform or sail nicely to my death in slow motion. also there is this one move wwere spyro goes in slow mo to do a more damaging attack but he goes in slow mo every fu**ing time and its so boring anoying and most of all its SLOW!! jesus christ i spend most my time waiting for him to get out of slow mo i might aswell go make tea while he finnishes his show off move.., there is even more... after a grueling task of crap gameplay and bad controls i finaly get thru a section to a boss but its ok fine nothing wrong with it just a standard boss but.. i have to do this for each element and every boss looks the same except a different fricking colour... i know this is for children but i would be suprised if it kept the intrest for a 5 year old for 5 seconds and failing that i wouldnt be supprised if the child gave up cuz its godamn hard. i cant recal the amount of times i had to replay sections because spyro thought it would be great to fly of the end of a cliff. usless little purple dragon. i just have one more thing to say... die spyro die dont make another one of these games even if it looks nie with higher texture quality and normal mapping to take over the bad colour burn n dodges i c before me now!.

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