Sunday, March 23, 2008

working in a group

this project we are on at the moment is great in the ways of interacting and helping each other improve but the main thing i have learnt from this project is how much i hate taking orders from people as most people have probably guessed, taking orders from someone who has never been in the industry or had no experience is a very fustrating as alot of the time you find that the work you have been given to do is not of that high importance or the assets have been porly distributed. You would thing this project would teach us how to work in a group as if you were in the industry but frankly i disagree as most of the time people in your group are either not as good as you or you feel you could do much better than your leader as they are not big shots in the industry and you do not have any respect for there disitions or there judgement, it is quite depressing at ties to find out the ideas and direction your group is going towards is terrible or just not coherant. most of the time i find myself wanting to do the whole project on my own or with my friends i live with as i know we could do so much better for example if i told my brother his work was shit he would instantly change it and take my advice but if i told someone that in my group i would more than likely be egnored which brings me back to the lack of respect. being led around by someone you find to be a terrible leader can lead to many places one of the best things i could get out of this is i would learn to respect peoples opinions even if i dont agree with them but the main thing i think im going to get out of this is a low grade and hatred of my fellow workers. i hope that will not be the case but it seems iam already there. most of the time im waiting for models to put into the engine and when i get them i have to put them all together i have to export them import them and there textures creat the file directories and create the materials attach the materials edit textures in some cases i had to fix problems to meshes because i didnt have the patience or the time to send them back and waite days before i got them back again. iam still wating for models that should of been textured and ages ago yet i have heard nothing also i have to create texture light the blockout and place the ill sized models into the blockout to be honest i feel like im not part of the group anymore, iam just a drone taking there work and putting it in te engine im like the end of the assembly line, one good thing though, iam in control of the blockout so i get last say and get to make the major portion of the level so all in all the level is mine to control, i control lighting position i even control size and scale weather effects textures atmosphere iam god!

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Megan Egglesden said...

I would agree that the whole group project thing hasn't worked out so great. I think one thing I have learned is that we should have all worked really closely together from an early stage. Its much easier to make decisions and know how each other is feeling when you are working in the same room.

I think you will find allot of people have worked up some kind of issue as a result of this project, its important not to blame each other, we are all in the same boat after all!

Tech lead is a hard role to fill, I hope it all works out ok for you.