Wednesday, October 25, 2006

middle history of games


review the ‘middle’ history of computer games
write your blog entry, and consider the following questions:

What were the significant developments during this time? How were games different by the end of this period than at the beginning?

continue to map out your own personal gaming history

What was the first game you played? What was the most recent? What happened in between, and most importantly, what made you continue playing for all this time?

Ah the middle history of gaming the essentials of what makes gaming the way it is for our generation. well in my last post i went on about the start of gaming with the first ever game on the rise of a majour game company now its time for the development of gaming history.

so from university games progammed by geeks with to much spare time to the present day arival of ps3 and nintedo wii. Acourding to most sources ralph baer is an influential man in the gaming industry taking gaming from the geek scene of coding and waste of time to the home television with a game called "chase" one of the first home played games but thats just the beginning there is alot more that spawned from the great idea, which is the reason im wrighting this and the reason we're all interested in this sort of thing. But tis blog is about the middle eras so makes it hard to really choose where to start you could of given us a date "micheal powell", but i guess we're stuck with it.

one sagnificant develipment include the "Magnavox Odyssey" which was one of the first home played computer consoles created by, yes you've guessed it Ralph Baer, ill jump a head here to more interesting developments like the creation of a little known console called sega mastersystem and that freakishly fun game "alex the kid" this game was one of the first games i played and got me hooked as i was very young at the time, it was not a very influential part of gaming history but was very influentiall to me so i thought i would wright a short bit about it. heres a screenshot to give you a taste if you have not seen it before.
A big influentiall part of the 1980's is the hand held lcd screen computer games, one of the games was super smash bros melee a games played on a game and watch hand held and because of the low power needed to run these games they only required watch batteries which made games small enough to fit on the wrist like a watch.

a large part of the 1980's was the online generation taking games to the masses this spawned games which aloud more than one person to play online games like online poker and it soon spawned to online rpg's one of the biggest online played genres in the world, but they were first called mud's or "multi-user dungeons" a smaller and less detailed version of games like final fantasy 11 or runescape.

abother jump in that era was the console from nintendo called the famicom an 8 bit console spawned from america. this blast of console mayhem soon gave way to the use of game pad instead of the old arcade joystick which is still used today on many arcade systems and flight simulators but the joypad is the way of the hime computergames, my opinion is the mouse and keyboard rule for certain games were the joypad is optional for other games i.e. fighting games.

the next big mark of gaming comes with the rpg and online rpg with games like everquest and the all important squaresoft creation finalfantasy which was so called titled due to the last fantasy creation by Hironobu Sakaguchi so much hardship and failure to create the most loved series of rpg ever created. In comes the game legend of zelda created at around the same time for the NES another big game in the wide world of gaming history. 1987 was a benchmark for gaming as it was the birth time for all these influentiall games aswell as the well loved metal gear, created by hideo kojima, this game was the first ever stealth based game in the world a bench mark for gamers everywere.

The difference from 1980 to 1990 was a jump from gaming on a console in a 2D format to gaming online and 3D gaming, which was thanks to the increase power of comuters giving gamers better detail and graphics giving way to the rise of the level of detail we have today.

The most rescent game ive played shows this high level of detail with the use of large levels online playability and a 3D environment its called "Battlefield 2142" This game shows just how far we've come in the past decade as it combines all the new technologies from the history of gaming into one action packed fun game worthy of our aproval. New and powerfull storylines coupled with intense realistic graphics is whats keped me hooked to the computerscreens all this time.

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