Wednesday, October 18, 2006

well the year is 1952 and a man named A.S. Douglas created the first ever computer game on a computer made from a vacuum tube, it produced a low buget game called tic-tac-toe, it was displayed on a cathode rod display and was of very poor quality due to only being created by a small team were as in the presant day games are produced by many people with alot of money. All of which douglas did not have.

The next interactive game that was produced was made in 1958 and it was a small adaptation of tennis, it was called "tennis for two". not long later a game was made which we all know and love, called "space wars", which i still have on my pc.

In 1967 the first ever television played gamed was created, the man who created it is called ralph baer he was working for a tv company at the time which may have been his insparation for this well known idea we all take for granted now. There was many adaptations of games one of which is called computer space, made from the game space wars but the next step in the game evolution is pong the tennis like computer game made from blocks and shapes, it was createed by Nolen Bushnell and he later went on to form atari computers with ted dabney, which recently created matrix and has games under its belt like "temple of elemental evil".

skip a few years and we come to the odyssey whcih is the firs playable home console made by ralph baer with the company magnavox. games were played firstly by inventors and technitians who made them it isnt ver sagnificant due to them making them so they need testing by some one.

My first console was not my oldest console it was sega and the game golden axe which nearly everyone i have spoken to knows about. the next consol for me is the playstaion which changed me from a sega lover to playstaion which i have never changed from. the first game i played on playstation was crash bandicoot a very weird and fun game due to its unusual style of charecter much like the use of a plumber in mario. it went from there realy changing to next generation consoles like ps2 and game cube but i still played the retro consoles like comedor 64 with the cassettes.

the most rescent game ive played it oblivion one of the next generation games so far, but this game was not the one that made me change from games passing time to games being my life, this was down to baldur's gate due to its fantastic story line and being the first rpg i ever played,. It hooked me to the point of rpg's being my favourite but as time went on i changed from loving indepth story lines to loving fast pace action of online and ofline first person shooters, which i love to this day I.e battle field 2


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