Monday, October 16, 2006

Who's writing, and how do you perceive them to be? Does blogging strike you as objective or more personal? How often do they write, what do they write about? How do you see yourself using a blog? Do you feel comfortable writing for an invisible audience for example?

John A seems to me, to be a very hard headed gamer as he pulls down games for trivial reasons, even though his ideas are correct in some aspects, he doesn't understand the importance of variety. In one comment he pulled down the use of a car level in the matrix even though cars were a part of the story line as much as the bullet time and running up walls. The car level in the matrix made it seem as if you were running round a large city because of the length of roads were as if you didnt have this in the game you would be bound to the relitivly small obstical course levels. This also brings up the point of half life 2, the long levels in which you transgressed acres of land in fast moving vehicles made the game seem large as if you were fighting for the excistance of the hole human race not just your own private war. The levels gave depth and shows of the work of the artists, sculpterists and designers, which isn't a bad thing to us upcoming artists.
John A also seems to me like a knowlegable gamer with sound views and opinions even though he attacks little mistakes, which we are all intitled to make, even the best game developers make mistakes, look at "oblivion" bethesda missed out majour things from its predisessor "morrowind" which people liked.
Now onto a personal point John A needs to get of his second year high horse, us students are old enough and wise enough to work out what we can and cant do for ourselves, we are not lower than higher years because they had the fortune of being born a year or two earlier than the rest of us first years(no offence john).

Blogging seems a farcry from objective its more personal that wrighting a 10,000 word essay of crap the night before its due in. It gives the hole assey writing thing more merit as you are wrighting your views as they come instead of cramming worthless dribble into a few pages of copied and re-copied information from the net and as we all have our own personal blog it cant help to be personal. Personalities show more online as i have found out from years of forums, msn, and just online chatting, people seem to say what they feel due to the advantage of hiding behind a computer screen.

john A wrights a few times a month but it is slightly erattic due to him wrighting what he feels when he feels, which is the great thing behind blogging. opinions do not all come at once it takes time between learning new ideas and creating opinions of them. He wrights mainly about his ideas and experiences, his opinions and others opinions are a big part of his blog as he likes to comment on other peples opinions and explain his views.

i see myself wrighting in my blog alot, mainly commenting on opinions and getting accross my ideals to the class and tutors, it will be a way of comunicating outside normal lesson hours about the gaming world with people who have a similar love of the game world to me.

im not really wrighting to an invisible audience due to all of us meeting up in class to continue the conversation of last nights blog over a game of "call of duty", which means our audience is all to visble and by now we know each other by online alias and can picture each others faces just from names like Kung-Fu-Jesus(god damn sniper) or soft-entertainment(me)


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