Monday, October 30, 2006

week four task

Ah developments of modern day gaming, in this era of technology and increase in skilled game designers artists ect we are at the dawn of a new age of game development with the new machinery and programs coupled with the amazing art. Gaming is facing a big issue that all games strive to be, this big issue is realism, a lot of games that are coming out at this moment in time are made to look close to the real thing, using new engines and new techniques to draw the gamer further into there fantasy without leaving there seat. A game that shows this most is a next generation game that is not in stores yet, it looks to be the most realistic game at the moment the skins are fantastic and the way things move when you interact with them is realistic.

The games name is “Crysis”, as you can see from the photo it looks real. Another big development in modern day gaming is the use of realistic interactivity, which is shown up in many new titles one of which is Crysis were you can chop down trees run through bushes and have the leaves bounce off you realistically but its also been in games like Oblivion and earlier Morrowind picking up items and destroying items in real time is a big thing in most games at the moment. The experience of realism coupled with an immense and epic storyline makes for great gaming.

Ah pressures, we all have them and a big weight on the game makers shoulder is the price tag, creating these fantastic games may be all good fun but what about these prices, have you seen the price of the new ps3, its crazy and this echoes back to the game maker because if people can’t buy these games or cant afford the consoles or the powerful desktop computer to run them then game makers will become bankrupt. This shows that technology is moving way to fast for the average person to keep up, I don’t want to shell out hundreds of pounds to play a game that only lasts a few hours due to the immense memory usage from the intense graphics and high polygon count. It is not worth it. Also this eye candy graphics looks good but it takes away the time people spend on the story line. A great example of this is the elder scrolls set from the first games like dagger fell to oblivion the graphics and detail has increased but the in depth epic story line has vanished, I’ve seen many reviews saying elder scrolls has lost all it used to be and is nothing more that eye candy, well if that’s so it brings me back to price, I bought a brand new computer for a thousand pounds to play next generation games on and all I’m getting is great graphics but bad plot lines and quick endings.

What I want from gaming in the future is attention to detail, when a mage holds down a fireball in his hand I want to see veins popping out of is hand and when I shoot a man in the chest on an online shooter I want to see a gaping wound with blood and guts. Games have gone to the point of looking real now we need to make them feel real, they need tiny bits of movement that shows its not just a bunch of animated polygons slumped with a texture. I want it to feel like I’m running through a war zone or trekking across an immense field with my sword at my side. Games need feeling, immersion. I want to play games with hair blowing clothes moving people speaking to me with feeling not a set dialog of babble dependent on my race or class. Also a great feature for a game would be, if its in the game you can interact with it, I’m tired of walking up to a window and finding out I cant open it or climb through it. Set paths are boring and very linier when I have to get into a house I want to be able to jump through the window or climb down the chimney, I don’t want a conveniently placed guard or locked door sending me in the direction the game maker wants me to go.

A massive improvement to gaming could be more realistic real time gaming for example if I play a game for a couple of months I want to see the grass getting longer and the people getting older, when I chuck an item on the ground I want to come back a year later and its rusted or rotten. On this type of game I would go every were and any were do as much as possible, do something bad I want people talking about it on the street and guards searching for me, people need to be scared and some angry but not go to just the extremes. some people need to be more scared than others instead of people being frightened or heroic there are in betweens to emotion.

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