Friday, January 26, 2007

1. find and review links on Game Engine Technology
2. write your blog entry considering the following questions:

What does a game engine do? What are the key engine technologies? What is meant by subtractive and additive? What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying into proprietary technology? What seem to be the key issues for 'next-gen' game engines?

game engines are basicly a bunch of code putting all the fine gamplay and details together. it regulates things like say ragdoll effects or simple animations. it turns your polygon lifless characters and objects into an interactive element capable of creating an interactive universe were a story can progress. its the morter to the wall. game engines can also vary for example a game engine can be made to make simple game charectersistics work like a flame in the unreal engine it has the coding to implament that but if you want say many moving treas that are interactive you would need a new engine to do that for example the cryengine designed for farcry it was made to implament key charecteristics that the game needed to make it unique. game engines can run the basic elements to make it playable but as we are starting to see now more games are become unique requiring specialised game engines another one of these is the fear engine helping you have that slow motion effect with particles flying everywere more like a matrix film than the matrix games lol. the technologies are becoming more specialised but all game engines need things like 2D 3D renderers or there would be no visual elements they need to be able to implament animation sound basic script to detail charecters or objects acts and speach.

well i watched the vids to fear a while ago and one guy said it was being able to see your body in real time first person, to look down and see your feet is a good thing its in many newish titles like fear, condemned, dark massiah, but at the moment im guessing better phyisics and better graphics if things look real and things act real then youll get a better imersive game, totally a next gen quallity i would like to see also more inteligent ai is a big thing with game engines and with new technology coming out offering bettter proccesing power then the AI in games is set to skyrocket. i would also love to see things like being able to do anything you want in an enviornment, if a tree is infront of me i want to be able to climb it if a flower is next to me i want to be able to pick, in other words interactivity needs to get better and this leads back to the new processing power which should broaden the horizons of interactivity and inturn gameplay itself.

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