Thursday, January 18, 2007


1. review some of these links and
2. write your blog entry considering the following questions:

What game cultures are you part of? How much of your life does it occupy? Do you have friends who you know only through MSN for example?

game cultures well i think to be honest ive been part of many over the years the biggest game culture ive been part of is the mix of many game cultures known as the online gaming comunity i play many games online from 1st person shooters to beat 'em ups to strategy they all have tere own culture i was part of a modding culture that exploded from half-life 1 i fooled around with the hl1 editor but rarly came up with much just me and my friend making cube rooms full of loads of monsters and loads of big guns i never got round to the technical side of it ie coding as i did not know were to start now i fool around with the TES4 engine for oblivion which ive now found an exporter for 3ds max were i may be able to import things like my bin or new monsters. it rarely takes up my time as iam to busy doing work for uni or drawing or getting drunk as i have found out iam taged with the party students who dont do much work lol. it used to take up alot of my time as i would finish school at 4 and me and my modder friend would go round his house as i did not have the net at that time and we would mod half-life while eating fast food just like the sterio typical computer geek except ive taken it further and he is just on the dole maybe that A in maths did set us apart.

there are people i only know through msn as i find on games like rpg's you stand around alot and talk its like a giant chat room were sooner or later you will get the odd friend. it also sometimes happens to me on fps but maybe its just me but does anyone realy talk nicly on fps's because i mainly just get the words noob, hacker, cheater shouted over a low signal mic from an american that cant take it when i pawn his ass at counter-strike the moronic noobs hehe. msn is a large culture if your not part of it there is alot of the world and alot off people your missing out on yeah maybe there are many idiots but thats just mainly americans(yes i hate em) with no social lives, i just use block and delete work for me.

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