Monday, January 15, 2007

gamplay im sure we have done this...week 11 :-)

Gameplay? game play? play, game. What exactly is this thing? And why is it important? Does it exist as a definable set of rules? Can it be designed into a game, or is it the random convergence of several interacting factors? Is it even important?

for game play iam going to just copy and paste what i have already said because my veiws have not changed since i wrote this peice.

"Game play is large area of gaming, it means the feeling of the game or it can mean the way a game plays, if a game plays badly its game play for example the movement system is to complex then the game play would be poor but much like a car it can be fast pace and exciting as well as sluggish and boring. It depends on the game you are playing. Different genres have different game play styles. Game play is in the name, its how the game plays, moves, feels and flows."
id like to take a moment out to tell you something one of my friends informed me of , this little thing called nintendo, the creations of nintendo against the creations of sony show cclearly how gameplay works for instance sony create psp yeah a good handheld console with lots of stuff like dvd's internet and good graphics but then you look at nintendos dual screen very interactive and good graphics guess who sold more yep nintendo, because the gameplay was better it was more fun and involving than the psp. so gamplay is an invisible force that shows how good a game is to play.

it is very important as it gives the state in which the game works and fits together, if there is bad gameplay when im driving down a street but its all an animation and im playing a driving game then that takes all the fun and meaning out of the game. if a game is meant for one perpose yet it doesnt fit that then its a bad game, gameplay makes the game work without it it falls apart just like a cog in a machine or a lightbulb in the christmas tree lights. its that one thing that holds the integraty of the game together its VITAL!

it can be a definable set of rules in some instances like a driving game if the steering isnt realistic the gameplay is bad or if the movement of the car relative to the movement of the steering is bad then the gameplay is bad. so there can be one big rule for certaingames but most of all this only works in games that need to be realistic for example if you take a fantasy game you could always blame certain aspects on its not real its fantasy but it still comes down to does it work well and to me that is a rule IT HAS TO WORK WELL like a finly tuned machine to get good gameplay and that is the rule.

it can be designed into a game if the game makers work hard but sometimes you just get that little unpredictable factor that crushes all hope of good gameplay that misstimed animation duplicated for all charecters or that rigid rag doll attept that failed at the first hurdle. gameplay can be very unpredictable when unsupervised but if averything in a game is designed perfectly then it should work just fine, but this could be the reason why games are just to fake and boxed in holding the games industry back. making a game work well needs it to be controlable and tame but to do this it needs to be on the scale to be controled serverly deminishing the options a game maker has. you cant have a massive realistic size world without a few gameplay probels because it cannot be policed and checked its just a to big task.

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