Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How is the industry doing? What are employee?s views of working in the industry? What are the biggest challenges facing the industry at the moment? How might these challenges impact on the industry in the near future?

the industry is doin well appart from a few mistakes on the hardwares side i.e. ps3 price and the wii's low stock but apart from that the industry is still coming up with new games axcept not many ar original they are relying on the hardware for more originality for example using new and better graphics to make there game original or for the wii there is the style of interactivity which to me seems very stupid. There isn't much new and exciting ideas out at the moment for exaple i will take the new game gears of war yes sure its fun but its over done, its just a mix between the coman aliens vs huumans scenario mixed with a war time scenario whats new, everything in that game is old news again the only good thing thats reasanably new is the online play with split screen were you and a friend can battle together but this again is relying on hardware nothing to do with the game creation. these days originality is more focust on graphics and being able to play with people in other players via the net. there is hope however as the new hardware is getting to the point that we will soon be seing better more officent A.I. for example the quad core proccesors were spoken about in conjunction with half- life creators and they spoke of the use of multiple proccesors to give more random acts for people I.E if morgan freeman sat down with a zombie and they both started to play chess each proccesor acts like a brain for each charecter, so they would actually have a real game of chess fighting to beat each other or even cheat if they wanted, more proccesors means more brain power for our upcoming AI these proccesors were even said to be making graphics cards obsolete but obviously thats a stupid remark because a processor could not create the realistic visuals as well as a graphics card i mean when i buy a sound system or an aplifier for my guitar i try to get seperates as they seperate parts are designed to fullfill 1 function no more meaning they would not be overrun with alternate proccessors, (were do they get there ideas from, the morons).

i read an article on a major artis/developer and his views were to not bog yourself down with how much money your getting or whether your company is talanted its about learning use what they have and the knowledge they have to improve your own skills, if there is a talented well developed company that wants you but there small and have not shipped many titles and a low talented company that have shifted many titles go for the one you will learn most from especially if your new in the industry. its all about improving your own skills not the portfolio of the company your in because your not always going to be working for that company.

the biggest chalenges for companies these days is compatiotion by far as there is so many games consoles out there and so many games titles that games developers find it hard to choose the best console for there game and same on the other side if say sony didn't have games like silent hill, resident evil devil may cry 3, METAL GEAR SOLID, ps3 would not sell well. the new titles make the consoles sell and that is the biggest problem as the consoles are at war to pitch for new games. another challenge i see is age groups because there is only a small portion of older gamers out there compared to say kids. if i asked you what was the most sold game last year ou would probably say somthing like final fantasy or metal gear, but no it would be on the lines of pokemon as this is played by more game cultures, kids and adults play it making it more universal all over the globe neiches are all good and well but it doesn't make money. in the near future this could lead to more childrens games being developed we've seen it before, for example the digimon series and famous cartoon games they all came out after the boom of pokemon because people saw the profit. dont get me wrong they still will make games for us with gorre and stuff becuae that gets them awards they dnt put high poly models of sponge bob or pikachu because kids dnt notice but games for us do as we notice and its more appreciated.

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